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Kids Mosaic

1 usd

Kids Mosaic is a famous developing game for kids improved with fairytale pictures. Mosaic will catch the interest of a child who loves to fantasize and independently resolve adequate tasks. Easy controls create the situation of success which encourages the kids to study. Play together with your kids and have no fear that they will miss or occasionally make a meal of the mosaic details.:) No unsuitable content or accidental expenses – the game is free of ads or in-app purchases.  Outstanding Features: • Kids Mosaic game enhances attention and thinking, teaches colors and trains understanding instructions.• Kindhearted pictures were created for the youngest users who will definitely like them a lot.• Simple interface allows the kids to explore the game on their own while their parents may take a couple of minutes for themselves.• Free-hand mode encourages the kids to use their imagination and create their own stories. Help the young artist to store their best pieces with special function (“save” icon).• 30 educational thematic pictures: pets and wildlife, fairytales, transport, natural phenomena.